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The physical therapy at Vitam is performed by Dr. Kathleen Berg DPT, MS, OCS, FAFS. She achieves optimal results by identifying and removing the cause of the dysfunction or limitation, reducing pain, and incorporating the 4 components of healing and positive adaptation: movement, recovery/rest, behavior, and nourishment. Each session is goal-oriented. Movements prescribed are functional and manual therapy performed is aimed at promoting tissue and joint health and mobility. As her AFS instructors would say, we are creators of “mostability” – we find the ideal balance of mobility and stability to promote optimal function while limiting excessive stress or compensatory patterns. Kathleen has extensive and diverse specialized education and incorporates multiple theories and approaches.

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Physical therapists are specialists of the musculoskeletal system and what it does or should do during motion. We are here to help you optimize function and comfort throughout life’s journey (growing, athlete, aging, acute injury/pain, chronic condition, injury prevention, surgery preparation/prevention, or post-surgical rehabilitation).

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