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Personal Training/Fitness and Performance Optimization services are performed by Kathleen Berg DPT, MS, OCS, FAFS. Optimal results are achieved by incorporating the 4 components of positive adaptation: movement, recovery/rest, behavior, and nourishment. Each session is goal-oriented and the approach is functional meaning that we train as we would move in life. For example, we strengthen not by sitting on a bench extending our leg with weight on it (when do we ever do that in real life?) but by stepping, lunging, squatting, reaching, jumping, and lifting in all 3 planes of motion at various speeds and with varying intensities & resistance.

Vitam Personal Training and Fitness services are designed to empower clients. Kathleen is passionate about enabling individuals with the abilities they need to participate, play, and confidently engage in their lives safely and without apprehension. She trains her clients one-on-one in a private setting (unless group sessions are requested).

Performance Optimization services are designed to evaluate and optimize movement patterns specific to the client’s needs and sport. Services include but are not limited to:

• Nike Golf 360 Functional Performance Assessments – coming soon!

• Running Analysis and Soft Tissue/Myofascial Mobilization
• Sport Specific Training
• Event Preparation
• Balance Training/Fall Prevention
• Yoga
• Lifestyle Consultations
• Body Composition Testing
• Referral to Local Practitioners.