“The importance of skill cannot be understated, nor the length of practice and experience, and scope of modalities.  Yet a fourth variable that is very difficult to acquire without the in born gift of intuitive synthesis, is to be able to bring all three together as one.  This integral aspect of Kathleen’s practice is one of her greatest gifts.

– E.S., Boise


“Kathy helped me reach my personal goals. Before I went in to see her, I was demoralized at the idea that I wouldn’t be able to finish the marathon that I had worked towards for months. Understanding this, Kathy was thoughtful, quick, and focused to get me back to health and on the trail again. We addressed a number of issues throughout my body, and I still use many of the exercises she taught me. She wasn’t just a ‘quick fix’. Kathy truly recognizes how the whole body is interconnected, and this helped to quickly get to the core of my physical issues. She helped me understand what was really going on in my body and taught me how to train smarter and prevent injury in the future.”

– M.F., Boise


“Kathy is an all around professional.  She has a keen ear for listening deeply, taking your issue in hand (figuratively & quite literally), and applying her experience and knowledge to your healing process.  Her presence is very soft and gentle with a resounding confidence that brings a sense of joy and ease to your environment.  What I also appreciate about Kathy is that she continues to augment her existing mastery of her craft as a physical therapist – she really looks at the whole body to find a comprehensive modality to help you heal.”

– M.I., Boise


“I came to Dr. Berg in hopes of finding a solution to my extreme lower back & radiating leg pain.  We discovered I had two ruptured discs.  This was a major blow which I initially thought could only be fixed by extensive surgery.  Dr. Berg took a different, more holistic approach to healing my back.  She identified the stresses on my body & worked on decreasing pain/inflammation as well as physical training to prevent recurrence.  Dr. Berg’s wonderful work and excellent referrals to some of the best physicians and holistic providers enabled me to get back on my feet and regain my freedom in a far shorter time period than I anticipated.  I looked forward to my office visits as every time I left an appointment, I experienced more relief.  Dr. Berg provided me a simple, easy to accomplish, workout that I could do at home to further my recovery.  I have now returned to running, working, hockey, biking/cycling, and skiing without pain and without surgery.  Dr. Berg worked wonders on my back and I am forever grateful.”

– J.T, Boise


“Kathy you saved my life! Okay, maybe not all that dramatic but it sure felt like it. Having torn my ACL and gone through surgery, you helped get me back on track physically and emotionally. Not being able to run for over a year was going to be a test for me and you encouraged me to hang in there with the physical therapy and helped me find ways to cope with the emotional let down of not running, or even being able to work out as much as I was used to. I loved the pool therapy. Your expertise in physical therapy as well as your emotional support through healing has been just amazing. And best of all, I feel like I have a new friend.

You really have a gift for healing, not just the physical but the emotional as well.

Thanks again!”

– S.C., Boise


“After I had knee surgery I worked with Kathy Berg for a couple of months doing aquatic therapy. She is a wonderful therapist – helpful, kind, patient and highly skilled and knowledgeable at what she does. The therapy made a big difference in my ongoing recovery. Kathy would always challenge and encourage me so that I would progress at a safe and effective pace. As an Athletic Training student myself, I can truly appreciate Kathy’s total approach to the body’s health. I deeply thank Kathy for her help.”

– S. R., ATS


“Kathy is amazing; she was instrumental in my recovery from a back injury!
Before being treated by Kathy I didn’t think I would be able to go back to work. Not in the same industry anyway. Now I am a business owner in the industry I thought I would never be able to work in again!!

Thank You Kathy!”

– JW


“Kathy worked with me after I had a total hip replacement surgery. She had me stronger and in better shape than I had been in for a very long time. She really took the time to create a plan that would best fit my healing needs and to make sure I understood completely.

I would highly recommend Kathy’s services to anyone. I thought she was awesome and I’m glad I was able to have her expertise help.”

– B.W., Boise

“I heard about Kathy through word of mouth in one of my classes at Boise State. Having just moved to Boise I did not know of a good physical therapist in the area, so I decided to see her with the hope to recover from my recent knee surgery. Kathy’s functional approach to PT was not only new and refreshing, but also extremely challenging and pushed me to fulfill my goals for treatment. I have worked with Kathy on two different occasions with both resulting in faster than expected recovery. Kathy is professional, knowledgeable, and understanding when it comes to caring for her patients. She not only treats her patients, but she also educates them for future maintenance for their conditions. I recommend her to those people that I come in contact with who are in need of an amazing physical therapist.”

– T.N.


“Kathy’s approach to physical therapy defies the norm.  She is analytical, thoughtful, inquisitive, respectful and then deliberative in her treatment plan.  My goals are her goals and she uses her skills to ensure achievement is reached. Totally different PT experience.”

– M.  Boise, Idaho.

“Soraya is a gifted practitioner of Eastern Medicine.  It is evident she sees & understands my whole being.  Her approach is professional, comfortable, and effective.  Every time I have a session I become relaxed & increasingly aware of what is going on for me.  My mood improves, I sleep better, my digestion improves, my body feels more content. I feel supported & ready to take on what lies ahead.  Thank you Soraya!”

– K. Boise, ID


“I began attending Kendra’s classes several years ago.  She is educated, intelligent, and caring with her teaching style.  Beyond becoming more flexible and stable, I feel practicing yoga with Kendra has helped me become more grounded, confident, open, and authentic with my family and self.  I am forever grateful for Kendra’s teaching and highly recommend her service.”

– B.  Boise, ID

“I love how individuals find their foundation & challenge themselves when working with Kendra.  It is impressive to see people who didn’t think they could attempt yoga excel with a modified clinical approach.  I’ve referred individuals who’ve had surgeries, trauma, injury, and other conditions to Kendra with excellent results.  She asks questions to best understand precautions & maximize safety.”

– Dr. Kathleen Berg, DPT


“I invite many individuals to visit Soraya for not only the profound benefits of incorporating Eastern medicine, but also for assistance in fascial work, healing, pain relief, and getting to the “root” of an issue.  Her scope of practice is professional, extensive and varied depending on the individual’s needs.”

– Dr. Kathleen Berg, DPT