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Vitam Physical Therapy & Training’s Core Values:

1. We honor the unique and dynamic needs of every individual.

2. We believe that optimum function is experienced when we discover and balance our needs of movement, recovery/rest, behavior, and nourishment.

3. We believe that treating a symptom (ie: pain, loss of function, weakness, apprehension, tightness) is just the beginning. True transformation and long-term recovery occurs when the root cause of the symptom is identified and treated.

4. We acknowledge that we are physical, mental, spiritual, and emotional beings.  When we are strong in spirit, mentality, & heart, the strength of the body becomes apparent and we function and participate in our lives optimally.

5. As health professionals, we believe in the importance of intense and regular professional study of the most up to date and effective treatments and training approaches.

6. We believe in the importance of acknowledging and communicating with a wide variety of local practitioners and professionals to best understand and facilitate comprehensive care for our patients.

7. We believe that being able to function to the best of our ability is transforming, empowering, liberating and brings fulfillment to our lives and those we spend our lives with.

8. We believe that everyone has in them an ability to inspire others with their unique path.

9. We believe that the best way to manage an illness is to prevent it from happening in the first place.

10. We believe that investing our time, energy, and resources to our overall well-being is a low-risk, high-return activity and one of the best investments we can make.

“In the end it is not the years in your life that count, it’s the life in your years.”

Abraham Lincoln